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Friday, June 12th, 2009

Hey!! I noticed A LOT of feedback about the alpaca post. Remember when I said if u could buy an alpca on ebay?? My cousin Jackie, My aunt, and me went on the internet, and we found this website where you can buy alpacas!! It’s called (no caps though, i am just being stupid. :)) I am going on ebay right now…. Oh COME ON!! They dont have any!! That is jacked up!! Seriously.  Hey, I wonder how much they cost…. OMG!! UP TO 30,00 DOLLARS???  What the heck???? This is MESSED up. Oh well. I guess I shouldnt put that on my Christmas list next year…….


Friday, June 12th, 2009

I am free baby!! My head still hurts cause of stress, or probaly allergies. It feels like someones putting pressure on it… Viv + Mel say it’s sinuses. Or I am stressing about finals. So no worrys……..

Wait, Why the heck  am i telling you about my head problems???? This proves i am werid. No, freaky. I am sooooo…. excited, I am going to the HAMPTONS this weekend!! Finally, peace and relaxtion. Owww!!! My head!!! Ugh, I hate my alregies/anxiety!!!!maybe its the meds i am on….. I am really boring you people to death, arent I? got to go, have to put on head med…. AAAAAAAAHHHH! I have lost it! Sheesh. I MEAN, TAKE Head medince!! BYE BYE!!!!! =D


Friday, June 12th, 2009

Sorry i couldnt get the movie up… The movie is at my friends house, and she has to finish it. REALLY SORRY!!!! But i am really busy! I have to go the HAmptons this weekend, and i have finals on moday thru Wedsnday. So yeah…. feel  bad for me… BTW, who the heck is bodyc???


Friday, June 12th, 2009

I am at school right now… I have finals next week!!!
So, of course, crazed studying. Wish me luck!