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Monday, June 28th, 2010


3rd Day of Summer

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

I just got back from… places. This morning I went to a bird santucary, with a lot of falcons in it. I also saw turtles and snakes and lizards, Oh my! But I saw probaly about FIVE chipmunks!!! They are soooo tiny and cute!!!!! Also, I went to Sears, where my dad got pissed off at some salesman, who apparently used to make ” A quater of a million dollars” working for a failed insurance company. How wonderful! I wonder how he got stuck working at Sears for minumon wage. Also, my dad got cut on something, and his arm was bleeding a lot, and so not a happy day for him. Then went to Stop and Shop, then the Libary, and now I am here. So yeah, I guess. Oh, wait! Orn lost another blood feather this morning!! (411: Blood feather is a contour feather contianing blood) His first was when we went to the pet store, ( Cocktails and parakeets are in the same cage there, and well, the parakeets enjoy getting rides on the cocktails tail feathers) and it was, dangling off his tail. (He lost it the next morning) I guess he had another broken one, because when I touched, it fell off. It had blood on the tip, but he seems fine, so yeah. Also, my lovebirdie is jealous of Roren’s (Cockatail) singing. It’s funny. Well, I’m going to go play Sims.

2nd Day Of Summer

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Hello People!! As you can see, I HAVE FIXED THE WEBSITE!!! I have got better software, and is new and improved!! Also, Roren as 2 words in Norwegian is “The quiet one” (Roren, he’s not quiet. For an hour he was…) Roren was actually named after an adventurer in my brother Dan’s book. The funny thing is, he does have adventures. Orn is Norwegian for eagle. Roren was singing so prettily this morning, talking to my lovebirds, Hitch and Alfred. So I hope you like my better website!!! Oh, and spammers and hombres y mujers eso habla espanol, no comment en por favor. gracias, pardonme, mi espanol is no bien.

1st Day of Summer!!!

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

It is my first day of summer!!! Guess what??? I got two new cockatails!! They’re names are Roren and Orn, norwegian words. I’d tell you what they mean, but I gotta go. Bye!!