9th-14th day of Summer

Ok, highlights: I went to Beach Day on Thursday with my  youth group, where I somehow got a nasty sunburn, and I am now peeling, and also Orn and Roren are learning to take showers, because they are molting and getting dusty because of the molting, which effects my moms allregies. So the past few days for my cockatails, pure torture. But we got all the blood stains off Orn! So yesterday I got Sims 3 ambimations, and I LOVE IT! It is SO fun. I get to be a stylist or a private eye now. AWESOMENESS! Ok, so today while I am peeling, I am goin to the beach with my friend Amanda…. Oh great. See, I just got another IM from Amanda even though I put my status as AWAY. She only seems to IM me when A: Im offline or B: I am Away. STOP IT AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am going to have lunch. GOODBYE!

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