Conformation, Smoformation

Hola!! Today was my brothers conformation. No big party or whatever, we’re just going to Relto’s … Any who, yesterday, I had the best sleepover with my BFFL’s, Kelly and Michelle!!! We had the weridest night. They colored on my toes, and watched Finding Nemo to go to bed. Before that, we did freaky hairstyles and I put a hanger in my hair… anyway, soon this place will have vidoes…. IDK when….. Anywho, we went to Starbucks the next day, cause one of my friends once got a French Vanilla Iced coffe, and it smelled amazing. Here’s the funny part. I kinda forgot the place, so we just went to Starbucks. We got it finally. Guess what? Even AFTER we put stuff in it it was digusting!! Kelly and I alsmost puked!!! So, from now on, we get coffe from the food court. Oh, and if you ever see a restaurant called Chinese Gormet, DO NOT GET THE CHICKEN AND BROCOLI!!! I ALMOST PUKED!!

Well, then my mom had to come and pick me up….But before we went into a photo booth and went to a store called Madee. They have good clothes there!!

BTW Do you some people at Subway don’t know what Chocolate milk is??? LoL!

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