Ahh………………. ;)

Ahh…. Suntanning, pool warming, pool jumping, huge shopping, a ton of soft serve ice cream fun. :) Guess where I am??? Correct, the Hamptons. The heated pool, the beach, the tennis court, the high class resturants……. Complete and awesome bliss. It doesnt get better than this. So tired though… (yawn) spent only 6 hrs……. Hey, wait a second, I know you all are wondering what hotelĀ  I am at…. Well, even though it DOES have an elevator, its not a hotel. Its my grandpa’s house. Yes, my grandpa’s house is awesome. He’s anawesome guy too. Hes very friendly and nice, and his new wife Robbie is awesomewe too!!! She keeps on top of ALL the latest Fahions. Well (yawn) I am going to take a nap now, Nite!

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