Have You Seen This Alpaca??

Hey! I’m back from Relto’s!!! Seriously, it was a werid night! My uncle Seth read my blog and laughed… Strange… :) SOOO… My dad and seth found out about the whole “Iced coffe” thing, and told me to try apple cinammon or spice… wait… no… it’s carmel apple spice… something like that. With whipped cream. I aslo found out he wants a tatoo of a monkey riding an alpaca. (BTW, An alpaca is like a small lama or somehting..) So yeah. .. Strange night. BTW, go on youtube and search the badger song. Oh, and do you know if you can get an alpaca on ebay?? I might get on for my uncle…

3 Responses to “Have You Seen This Alpaca??”

  1. Someone says:

    Well Well Well, you tried coffee and did not like it, just remember the only way to make a cup of tea taste bad is to make it with coffee.

    HA HA HA

  2. willliam says:

    WOW! A monkey riding an alpaca! that sounds awesome. Only a true GENIUS would come up with something that unique.

  3. Kelly says:

    Umm, catherine… who is someone, william, and bodyc?
    i am confused!!!

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