So tired… Rock climbing sucks.

Hi. I just stayed 2 days away from my parents by sleeping over. So yeah. Spaekin of 2 days, I went rock climbing 2 days ago with my wouth group. Yeah, i know. Another 1 of my great ideas! See, I am SUPER afraid of heights. Even on those begginer wall. So I watched other people do it, and it lokked nice and safe, and easy. They just siad don’t look down. So I was almost at the top of it, like two steps away, But then i looked down. HUGE mistake. I started hyperventaling, and asked the guy if I could come down,
And just FYI, this guy was one of those “I-have-no-emotion-i-don’t-understand-your-fear-of-this” Guys, and he made me touch the top. He unhooked my harness, and that was the last time I went rock climbing that day. Call me a loser, but thats how scared I was. BTW, If anyone has a spare sidekick Or one of those new green LG or a puppy Cocker Spaniel, Find me and give up the goods!!! :)

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