Birthddays, Eggs, and Cooking. Well, thats 2 out of 3!

YAY!! Its my birthday!! And i get to do my favorite thing: Cook! I have been cooking everyday for 2 weeks now. So what now?? Apparently, I am a good one. Everybody who tasted my food likes it. Once I messed up majorly on a recipe and my friend ish loved it!! (Shes the emoth one.) Still, I made my birthday cake! And in like 5 minutes i am making the icing! But right now my dad is making eggs. Bleh. If there is one thing i hate, ( I don’t like that experssion. Its like duh, I have more than 1 thing i hate! Everyone does!) anyway, I LOATHE eggs. The smell makes me puke, aand they just…. look, well no offenese egg lovers, DISGUSTING! So yeah. Oh, I gotta go. Making icing now. Bye!

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