What the heck???????

I love Lady Gaga, it’s true. She is awesome. But her Telephone video is explict. …. WHY? She has fans that are like 8 years old. Well, she IS a pop star. I still love your music, Lady Gaga!!!!!!

Anyway, It’s a Tuesday afternoon, and I want to go to 711 to buy silly bands… But i think my dad won’t let me cause it might get dark soon. Ah, well. I had a pretty good day.  I think I got a 90 on my math quiz… I have really been having a hard time in math. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really smart, actually, right now I’m running for VP of the NJHS (National Junior Honor Socitey), but math is hard. So it’s annpying to do. I mean, who cares about the Pallegram Therom, and how tall a stupid flagpole is? I DON’T!!!!! So I say, STUPID MATH!!!

Ok, anyway, my stomach is growling. Why do stomachs do that? Oops, I’m babbling now. Think I’ll go read Stephan Pastis’s blog, he’s the creatoor of Pearls Before Swine, my favorite comic strip. Peace out!

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