I am tired and my head hurts

It’s around 11:30, and read the title. I can’t sleep though. Whatever. Anyway, Tommorow is Mother’s Day. I made my gift and everything, it’s a crumbcake. I am ALSO SICK OF YOU WERID JAPANESE SITES SPAMMING UP MY SITE!!! Oops, sorry. it’s just I am on the family laptop that’s a bit outdated and I can’t go on it cause my brother’s friend is on it… Bleh. IT”S MINE!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Anyway, Tiffany and I have a new youtube series, called the Gill Girls, look it up people. The trailer is there. If you want to find it, type in gilledgirlies in the search box, then click on one of the 2 trailers. It premieres Mermoial Day Weekend. We needed more, time if your asking why. So…. I guess peace out!

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