So it’s been awhile…

February 27th, 2011

So it’s been awhile. I’ve been busy. Sorry. So yeah. I’m broke, I redid my room, bought some clothes…. you know, normal 13-year-old stuff. Not that anyone reads this… but still. Anyways, I’m thinking of starting an online bakery. Frozen bakery…. I kinda like “Coko’s cookies”…. OH! It’s not on google. I think I might do it. :) So yeah. I’m gonna go to my borthers basketball game (He startred drving!! GAH!) So I’ll bring my phone and ipod, keep myself from getting bored. Bye!


January 17th, 2011

Hey! I’m at my cousin’s Amanda’s house. So yeah… I got a haircut, deleted the Gill Girls account, and have a green screen and cell phone. I love my future high school, and life’s awesome! If anyone reads this, go to youtube and search “theladybugcat” that’s my channel. Well, my mom’s here to pick me up…. Peace!

Happy Turkey Day!

November 25th, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! My dad has been complaining about me not posting eough, so yeah. I’m at my grandparents hpuse, and it’s raining, which is a bummer. I kinda wanted to go to the park today. Oh well, at least I got to go outside. The other day, our teacher wouldn’t let us do anything, even though we had no classes. The window shades were down, the lights were off, and some boring movie was playing. I think my head was about to implode. But whatever, It’s over now. My youtube padge is doing good, and so are my grades. I just wish I had more time to hang out with people. Ah well. So as you gobble down your turkey, remember its all in the reversed word. (Hint, Giving thanks!) Peace out!

Has anybody seen me????

September 24th, 2010

Hello people!! I am back from wherever I was, which, would take to long to tell you. So yes, I am in school now. Eighth grader Catherine is ready and reporting for duty. So yeah. I’m at the docs office, that’s why I can do this at 9 am. Well, I am going to go now. Bye bye!

9th-14th day of Summer

July 11th, 2010

Ok, highlights: I went to Beach Day on Thursday with my  youth group, where I somehow got a nasty sunburn, and I am now peeling, and also Orn and Roren are learning to take showers, because they are molting and getting dusty because of the molting, which effects my moms allregies. So the past few days for my cockatails, pure torture. But we got all the blood stains off Orn! So yesterday I got Sims 3 ambimations, and I LOVE IT! It is SO fun. I get to be a stylist or a private eye now. AWESOMENESS! Ok, so today while I am peeling, I am goin to the beach with my friend Amanda…. Oh great. See, I just got another IM from Amanda even though I put my status as AWAY. She only seems to IM me when A: Im offline or B: I am Away. STOP IT AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am going to have lunch. GOODBYE!

4th-8th Day of Summer

July 5th, 2010

Ok so I couldn’t get to a computer because I was on vacaction. So I shall tell you major highlights. I went to a bird santuary, and wild Chickadees (birds, tiny, black) landed right ON MY HAND!!!! My did had a ton of pictures! It was awesome!! A couple landed on my brother, and one even landed on my Mom!!! It was so cool. I also saw a swan, a turkey, two deer, a rabbit, and a whole ton of chimpmunks, besides just birds. Then I went tp my grandpas house, swam, and put the monofin in my cousin Jacquie’ brand new tail  Tiffany had given me for her. The next day she came and tried it on, and it didn’t fit. I kept trying to fix it, but no luck, so she swam  for a bit. She put some videos of her swimming  on facebook. She met some girls on the 4th (of July, people!), and bonded with them quickly. The weird thing is, the girls were 14, (By the way, 1 month till me birthday) and Jacquie just turned 12, and she bonded with them, and I didn’t. But that was ok, because they were obbesed with this “hot” boy swimming on the beach. They were also reading 17 and saying “like” in every sentence. I rember when I used to do that. Yuck. But soon I was free of the two girls, and I told my dad what happened, and he said he was proud of me for being myself and not caving in and acting like I was totally engrossed with everything they were doing. Sorry to disappoiont you people who are, but it’s just not my thing. Thank God they were on the last two pages of it. After that they decided to go swimming, so I tagged along. I had fun, but that was because I am the type of the person who won’t pass up the chance to swim. It was high tide, and so swimming was really fun. Later that night ( Still the 4th people!) we went into to town (we were in the Hamptons, if I forgot to mention that. My grandpa lives there, right on the beach.) and saw the fireworks. The day before I had went in to town, I broke a braclet by accident. I was wearing a watch, and I guess the bulky part caught on the bracelet while I was reaching up, and well, crash it went. I felt so bad, becuase the didn’t make me pay for it. Now, back on topic. I went to the ice cream place, and then got a good viewing spot. After the fireworks ended, we went back to the house, and that was our last night there. Now I’m here, and I have to vist my apparently pyscho aunt( I don’t know if she’s pyhco, because I don’t see her that often. They last time I saw her I was in 5th grade. Please keep in mind I saw her for 3o minutes. Also, I am now going into 8th grade.) So I hopeit will a good day. I have to unpack, and my mom wants to clean. Oh, also when I came home today, I had to clean the bird cages, because they hadn’t been cleaned since wedsnday. I did the lovebirds first, because the poop more, then I turned around, and the is blood all over the cocktail ladder, and splatters everywhere.( At the time I saw this, I was only 75% sure it was blood, It was confirmed later.) I was worried it was liver diease (bloody poop= serious illness for birdies) but then I looked at the poop tray, all poop normal. Then I thought I would be dye from the food or something, but then I saw Orn’s wing. part of it was covered with dried blood. I thought Oh no, did he get in a fight wwith Roren? I thought that because Roren had blood on his beak, but they were sitting next to each other no problem, so scratch that. Then my dad realized since Orn isn’t so light on his feet e could have had fell by a loud scary firecacker. Poor birdies. Well,  see you tommorow!


June 28th, 2010


3rd Day of Summer

June 26th, 2010

I just got back from… places. This morning I went to a bird santucary, with a lot of falcons in it. I also saw turtles and snakes and lizards, Oh my! But I saw probaly about FIVE chipmunks!!! They are soooo tiny and cute!!!!! Also, I went to Sears, where my dad got pissed off at some salesman, who apparently used to make ” A quater of a million dollars” working for a failed insurance company. How wonderful! I wonder how he got stuck working at Sears for minumon wage. Also, my dad got cut on something, and his arm was bleeding a lot, and so not a happy day for him. Then went to Stop and Shop, then the Libary, and now I am here. So yeah, I guess. Oh, wait! Orn lost another blood feather this morning!! (411: Blood feather is a contour feather contianing blood) His first was when we went to the pet store, ( Cocktails and parakeets are in the same cage there, and well, the parakeets enjoy getting rides on the cocktails tail feathers) and it was, dangling off his tail. (He lost it the next morning) I guess he had another broken one, because when I touched, it fell off. It had blood on the tip, but he seems fine, so yeah. Also, my lovebirdie is jealous of Roren’s (Cockatail) singing. It’s funny. Well, I’m going to go play Sims.

2nd Day Of Summer

June 25th, 2010

Hello People!! As you can see, I HAVE FIXED THE WEBSITE!!! I have got better software, and is new and improved!! Also, Roren as 2 words in Norwegian is “The quiet one” (Roren, he’s not quiet. For an hour he was…) Roren was actually named after an adventurer in my brother Dan’s book. The funny thing is, he does have adventures. Orn is Norwegian for eagle. Roren was singing so prettily this morning, talking to my lovebirds, Hitch and Alfred. So I hope you like my better website!!! Oh, and spammers and hombres y mujers eso habla espanol, no comment en por favor. gracias, pardonme, mi espanol is no bien.

1st Day of Summer!!!

June 24th, 2010

It is my first day of summer!!! Guess what??? I got two new cockatails!! They’re names are Roren and Orn, norwegian words. I’d tell you what they mean, but I gotta go. Bye!!